Official Independent Contractor Agreement

The following terms and conditions apply to the client/freelancer relationship between Client and Cassandra Bondie (Freelancer).

  • Client agrees to regular communication, either through a platform, email, or cell phone.
  • Client agrees to respond to questions, comments, and concerns from Freelancer within seventy-two hours unless otherwise specified.
  • Freelancer agrees to communicate within forty-eight hours of contact from Client unless otherwise specified.
  • Client agrees that any work created for the Client belongs to Freelancer until a previously agreed upon milestone payment has been received.
  • Client agrees to pay within seventy-two hours of receiving each completed and approved milestone. If the milestone is not approved and needs amendments, Client agrees to share that information with Freelancer within seventy-two hours.
  • Client agrees to pay for any required revisions that are not the fault of Freelancer, including unforeseen problems, additional content creation, or new information.
  • Freelancer agrees not to be charged for any revisions that fit previous instruction.
  • In the event of necessary termination of a milestone or future milestones on the part of Client, he/she agrees to
  1. Pay Freelancer for any completed work submitted within forty-eight hours.
  2. Provide Freelancer with at least one week of notification before termination.
  • In the event of necessary termination of a milestone or future milestones on the part of the Freelancer, he/she agrees to:
  1. Provide at least one week of notification in the event of termination.
  2. Refund any advance payment received for current milestone.
  • Client agrees to provide credit for any creative work used unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Client agrees that Freelancer’s personal name, brand, and information is solely his/her property and will not be used without his/her explicit permission.
  • Both Freelancer and Client reserve the right to terminate this contract at any point in time, should the opposite party fail to meet any of the above requirements.