Advertorial Writing Sample

Lake Area Technical Institute Be Where Your Passion Is A Community For Students Lake Area Technical Institute is a community college focused on local careers, technical degrees, and the welfare of its student body. With cutting-edge programs that rival many academic universities, LATI offers a unique learning experience that promises to deliver results after graduation. … Continue reading Advertorial Writing Sample

Technical Writing Sample

To Build or To Buy A Business Document Software Solution Model for Small and Medium-Sized Companies The concept of outsourcing has a complex history. For many years, it was every business for itself. Gradually, companies began to employ service providers to complete tasks that were too costly for in-house staff to handle. Finally, in the … Continue reading Technical Writing Sample

Research Writing Sample

Working Around FERPA A Guide For PTA Members As a decision-making PTA member at an elementary school, you’ve probably run into problems collecting directory information for students and their parents. You aren’t alone. In recent years, elementary schools have made it increasingly difficult to create an all-inclusive directory for parents and PTA members. These directories … Continue reading Research Writing Sample

Marketing Writing Sample

Digital Marketing Innovations Convenience in the Field With the upcoming Digital Marketing Workshop at Retail's Digital Summit on September 26, focus on the evolution of digital marketing has come to the forefront of the conversation. Key speakers at the summit are slated to discuss important issues, such as learning how to use Live Chat, using … Continue reading Marketing Writing Sample

Health and Beauty Writing Sample

Best Natural Bubble Bath When you come home after a long, hard day, nothing sounds better than a relaxing bubble bath. According to the Institute for Vibrant Living, bubble bath benefits include aromatherapy from relaxing scents, improved posture, reduced back problems, toxin removal, and skyrocketing skin health. Choosing the right bubbles for your bath is … Continue reading Health and Beauty Writing Sample