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Digital Marketing Innovations

Convenience in the Field

With the upcoming Digital Marketing Workshop at Retail’s Digital Summit on September 26, focus on the evolution of digital marketing has come to the forefront of the conversation. Key speakers at the summit are slated to discuss important issues, such as learning how to use Live Chat, using proven customer acquisition tips, making email marketing campaigns more efficient, considering the importance of digital commerce programs, and how Google’s “Rank Brain” is impacting your search campaigns.

Marketing experts at the summit will also discuss recent innovations in the field, determining their success or failure based on customer satisfaction and the number of sales made.

Impressive Examples

According to Eight by Eight CEO Amy Africa, some successful digital marketing strategies have included the addition of text message and email reminders through drugstores and pharmacies, voice-activated and online ordering through food moguls like Domino’s Pizza, online cooking classes through retailer Sur La Table, interactive and informative applications through large brands like Starbucks, and improvements in overall online presence through companies like Sephora and Williams-Sonoma.

Africa also notes that digital marketing is evolving quickly. It’s evolving so quickly, in fact, that more than a quarter of new innovations will become complete flops within six months of their introduction. But those numbers are less meaningful than they sound. Experts choose to see these failures as research – a way to help increase knowledge of what works in the modern technological age and what does not. These experts argue that the industry can only move forward through this research, whether it succeeds or fails.

What Makes Strategies Effective

Digital marketing strategists are learning how to refocus their budget into new platforms that will ultimately supply convenience for their customers. These strategies aren’t always effective, but they are innovative. The ultimate goal of modern digital marketing is to save the customer precious time and effort – which they can expend in other ways that are more valuable to them. Our recognition that time is of the essence is the crux of our improvements.

A good number of consumers will choose a pharmacy that provides text message alerts over a pharmacy that does not. Similar consumers would rather order their pizza through a smartphone application than call the store themselves. They would rather take online classes, search for clothes on Google, or pre-order their coffee. The fraction of consumers who prefer – or, indeed, even expect – these conveniences are growing every single year. As companies innovate, other companies must match their efforts. In a competitive industry, that is how we survive. And that is how the customer receives a fair amount of value when they make an informed purchase.

Success or Failure?

Determining whether these innovations are successes or failures is a decision generally based on comprehensive data. This data is provided by behavioral analytics companies such as SessionM, which focuses on account-based management and ideal customer profiles.

Through data collection, digital marketers can reach a target audience that has shown a previous interest in their product or a closely related product. This ability to zero-in on consumers has the potential to increase sales and provide even more data for companies to utilize. As our knowledge increases, our quality increases. And this cycle is ongoing.

Companies that refuse to innovate, history has shown, will eventually fall off the radar. The digital marketing community has already seen a sharp decline in brands that fail to take advantage of the new market, data collection, and social media platforms.

Marketing With Meaning

Consumers spend an immense amount of time on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. They expect consistent marketing strategies. They expect brands to appear on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and other popular applications. If a brand does not appear, consumers quickly forget that it exists.

Consumers are no longer in the business of seeking out companies for products or services. Instead, they want and expect marketing with a meaning. They want to see digital marketing strategies that will improve their way of life – usually by adding convenience into the age-old marketing equation.

Rapid Increases

Digital marketing has seen a year-over-year lift of nearly 16 percent, according to Carat. The agency looked at 59 markets across continents and predicted that digital marketing will see another year-over-year boost of at least 14 percent in 2017.

What does it take to succeed in this era? Companies that meet the evolving needs of consumers will inevitably win the day.

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